As cyberpunk takes many forms we must keep up with it like we would the daily news. It morphs constantly and we must adapt or die. Cyberpunk is only what it is because we don’t live in those wild futures just yet. Once we get there it may be called something else! Conspiracies are silent wars that never show their face. If you’re a cyberpunk then stay alert. Here we have pics from the anime mangas “Blame!”, “Biomega”, and “Junk: Record Of The Last Hero”.

These stories have greatly influenced me. As a writer I take great inspiration from these, as well as others like “Tron” and “The Matrix”. My own idea, “The Grid”, is nothing like these stories though. The idea is not to copy but to create something uniquely original. For now it’s a series showcasing my ideas but I’ll be turning it into a full novel. When I do finish it I’ll sell it here. For now I blog on random cyberpunk oddities that I come across when jacked in to cyberspace.

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The best thing about cyberpunk animes is they question your perception of reality and why we do what we do.